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History of Jepara Front Verandah

Sitting room (Jepara Tourism Info)

This from verandah was built by Adipati Citro Sumo III in 1750. He was 23rd leader of Jepara and ruled for 22 years during 1730 to 1752, while Kartini’s father was the 31st leader of Jepara, ruled 24 years during 1881 to 1905.
This front verandah consist of several rooms :The front room is functioned as an important room to wellcome special guest, held the official meeting, and also used pleace for traditional dancing practice. In this room, the originality of the building is well kept,including the floor vertical bar which are now covering which carving block, the landmark of Jepara. The roof was restored in 1980 by Dinas Purbakala but the restoration did not change the original shape.
Paringitan room, this room is also well keep, proven by the originality of the floor and the vertical bars. It is functioned as room to welcome important guest and sometimes used as public dinning room.
Rono kaputren is a name of room which is only functioned as bedroom for the daughters of the head of Jepara Regency. Marked with special hole carving, while Rono Kaputran, room for the sons has no hole carving. On the left side of rono kaputran is aworking room of Jepara regency secretary and on the right side. Is working room for head of Jepara regency government.
Rono kaputren was used as room to limit Kartini’s activity when She was teenage. According to ancient Javanese culture, a teenage noble girl has to stay at home and conduct her activity inside until she get merried. Family room was no longer used as its real function, nowadays used as room the welcome very important guest. Kartini’s bedroom when she was a child,while she’s a child Kartini shared this room with her brothers and sisters. This room was devided into four area limited by special wall. In 1980 the floor were covered with white tile. Then we enter pingitan room, which has 3 m in width and 4 m in length, pingitan means limited, so pingitan room used to limit Kartini’s activity. Old well of  RA Kartini's ommission which still used up to now (Jepara Tourism Info).Although she was allowed to leave the room but there were restricted area for her which she could not pass by. In front of the Pingitan Room, there is a room which was used as dinning room Backyard area was the area where Kartini conducted her educational activity. In this area there’s also general kitchen which has long shape, used by Kartini as place to give cooking lesson. In front of the kitchen, there were 2 kantil trees (Kartini’s most favourite flower). The building beside the front verandah which is nowadays used as dharma wanita office was Kartini’s mother’s resting place. All those rooms limited by high wall with two gates guarded by securities. This high wall is the limit which Kartini could not pass by. Nowadays the high wall had been closed for security purpose.

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