Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jepara's Artistry


Routine Performance five times in one year moment of saturday "legi" at 08.00 (GMT+7) Jepara Shopping Center. Where each time its staging is brought by two puppeteer, five singer and for about twenty people of "pangrawit", what is sometimes alternated by "campur sari" After staging, performed sarasehan of ajang puppeteer humanity expression. According to Mr. Drs.Suliyono,MM as Chief of Local Area Commision II Association Of Puppetry of Indonesia ( PEPADI). Contact Person: Mr. Muthohar (0291) 595980


Emprak represent musical dance accompanied with music of "slawatan" storytelling about story birth of Prophet of Muhammad S.A.W. Emprak may be spelled out members to represent a demonstration of existing story content in Book of Barzanji.Function artistry of Emprak only as entertainment amusement or look on habit. This artistry born at around year 1927 in countryside of Pleret / mejing, Limestone, Sleman.
Its Creator is Kyai Derpo, he is son and a serving so called palace of Dipowedono. Amount of player of this artistry gyrate 30 one who consist of 20 dancer people and 10 people player of attendant or castanets.
In the begining dancer of Emprak consist of men all, but in the year 1950 strarting there is dancer of woman.
They are have age between 15 up to 35 year old.
Costume weared by all player of Emprak have the character of realistic and orient to Arab, while its make up is realistic, there is also which is not realistic.
Player costume consist of turban, "kupluk" ( black or rose colored peci), shawl, cloth, long shirt, "blangkon" (traditional java head), chasuble and others.
utilized stage in the form of arena, what usually is verandah of ancient palace of resident houses or verandah of ancient palace of countryside hall.
Floor circle design at the timeof certain also use straight line.
Castanets weared by is flying amounting to 6, and castanets weared by "Sholawatan Maulud", what consist of "kendang (dodog and beb), kenting, kempul, ketuk and gong".
Sometime still added again with "kentongan". Usually show carried out at night during more or less 8 hours start from 21.00 PM until 05.00 AM. At past, light facilities weared by lamp of triom but now have utilized lamp of "petromak".


Tayub Dance or event of "Tayuban". Representing one of Javanese art element of beauty and compatibility of motion. This dance look like with dance of Jaipong at West Java. Followably dancer in acting brought dance. dance of Tayub look like with dance of "Gambyong" more Central Java's popular dance. This Dance habit performed at wedding party, xxxkhitan and also most big event likes Independence day of Indonesia. Celebration of victory in election of countryside head, and also clean event of countryside. Member which follow in this artistry consist of "sinden" (javanese singer), orderer of "gamelan" (traditional music of java) and also dancer especially woman. Dancer of "Tayub" dance can be conducted by self or groups. Execution of event executed at midnight around 9.00 PM until 03.00 AM (GMT+7). Dancer of "Tayub" dance more knowledgeable with initiation of "ledhek".

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