Thursday, May 22, 2008



          Ujung watu village, keling sub-district or 45 Km North of Jepara city near by Portuguese fortress.


          A long time ago, tritip cave used by mbah joyo kusumo to acquire magical power then people called “petilasan place”. Every Thursday night given “sesajen” content sugar drink and coffee. But every wage Thursday night that sesajen adds young coconut and red-white porridge. Around this area any wood boat. That boat is mbah joyo kusumo ascetic place. But now, the boat which located in tritip cave lost a part because people who visited that cave used to campfire and the others.
Usually Visitor came on wage Thursday night so that their wish will be true after do that to acquire magical power over there though mediator by mbah joyo kusumo to God

By: Cholie Takkyza.doc


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