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The History of Lomban Party

Opening Ceremony Of Lomban Party by Mr Hendro Martojo,MM (Jepara Tourism Info)

Part of Material 'Sesajen' Lomban Party (Jepara Tourism Info) Lomban party in Jepara used to be a fisherman’s party in Jepara area, nowadays Lomban party belongs to all Jeparanese. This party is the top of Lebaran day celebration, held a week after "Lebaran day".
Lomban party is also called as “Bakda Kupat”. Jepara people celebrate the Lomban party with several traditional food like “Lepet” and “Kupat”, that’s why Lomban is also know as “Bakda Kupat” instead of “Lepet”and “Kupat”, Jeparanese also serve other delicious foods such as : opor ayam, sambal goreng, oseng-oseng, etc.Kupat is a popular food during the Lebaran day celebration to Indonesian people particularly to Central Java people. Kupat is made of rice covered with young leaves of coconut tree which is rectangularly shaped, while ’lepet’ (another traditional food served during Lebaran day) is made of sticky rice, added with special flavour, also covered with young leaves of coconut tree, same with “Kupat” but has different is shape. Jeparanese celebrate the Lomban party by visiting the tourist object in Jepara Regency. The most favourite tourist object is Kartini Beach.The word “Lomban” comes from “Lomba” which means “compete” there is also opinion which all that the word of “Lomban” comes from the word “Lelumban” which means “Pleasure”.

Washout of Offerings Lomban Party (Jepara Tourism Info).Lomban party has been celebrated more than 100 years. It was proven by the news of Lomban in “Slompret Melayu” (name of newspaper) published in 12 and 17 August 1993. The news told that ancient Lomban is similar to nowadays Lomban Party, also told that the centre of ancient Lomban was Jepara bay an ended in kelor Island which is now called Kartini Beach.
The party started early in the morning. Fishermen braught their tools and some traditional food. They also prepare “special ammunition” used in “battle”. The special ammunition were ketupat, lepet, and kolang-kaling. The fisherman’s ship sailed to the “battle area” accompanied by gamelan “Kebogiro” (Jeparanese traditional music). War was begun by fishermen by throwing the special ammunition one to the others.When the war was ended, the fisherman returned to place where he started that was Kelor Island. The fishermen also visited Encik Lanang’s grave located on Kelor Island. Before the dark, the fisherman and viewer returned to their own house.

Mount of 'Ketupat' and 'Lepet' Party of Lomban (Jepara Tourism Info)Nowadays lomban party is not only celebrated by the fishermen, but also celebrated by all Jeparanese people. Two days or 1 day before lomban party, the market is fully crowded. Atmosphere is nearly same with a week before Lebaran day. Kupat and Lepet are mostly seen in each side of a market.
On the date of Lomban party, the market has no activity because the seller and buyer celebrate lomban party in Kartini beach. The lomban party is started at 06.00 am by throwing offering to the sea. This event is held in TPI Jobokuto an led by Moslem public figure of Jobokuto village. The event is attended by the head of Jepara regency government and the staffs. The offering which is buffalo head is thrown to the sea by the head of Jepara regency government. The purpose of the offering is to thank to the god for his blessing and convenience.
The offering of head of buffalo was started in 1920 during the Haji Sidiq’s administration as head of Ujung Batu village.Celebration of Lomban party is centered in Kartini beach area. The beach area is visited more than 40.000 visitors during lomban party.

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