Monday, May 5, 2008

Songgo Langit Waterfall


Songgolangit Waterfall (Jepara Tourism Info)This plot located at Bucu village sub-district Kembang 30 km north from Jepara city. This waterfall has the height 80 m and width 2 m. According to yhe strong that spread among local villagers that enemy body will be stay young after taking a bath or washing their face there.
The nature scenery around the plot is so beautiful and the air is also relaxing, and make this place comfortable to visit as recreation area. You can meet various kind of butterflies with many beautiful color. To reach the plot you may use 2 wheel vehicle or 4 wheel vehicle with asphalt road.


A long time ago there was a young man came from Tunahan village made a love relationship with a young beautiful young lady from Dukuh Sumanding Bucu village sub-district Kembang. Their relationship continued until marriage. It was hold that between Tunahan village and Bucu village there was a river (now the river become waterfall).
In the old days a young man who wanted to propose a young lady had to bring kitchen set such as frying pan, plate, glass, etc. and also brought live short such as buffalo, cow, sheep, etc. At dawn the wife was having initiative to prepare break fast for the beloved husband, while she was preparing the breakfast, because a little bit careless, she made noises from the kitchen set.
Because of the noise, her mother warned her “Don’t get noisy, cause it will make your husband awake”. Her husband hearth that and miss inter-plated what his mother in law said as “Why you make some noise, when you work, do you think it is husband’s stuff?”
Right at the time the husband felt so annoyed with his mother in law’s words, so in the middle of the night the couple left from the house to move to her husband origin by riding a cart which was pull by cow. It was so dark that the went to the wrong road (got lost), and they felt that the car fell to the cliff (known as Songgolangit waterfall) and they were missing in action.his legend is so wide spread among local villagers, so that become a prohibition between people from Tunahan village and Bucu Village to be husband and wife, as they will meet to many obstacles in their relationship. Songgolangit waterfall, that is why people call it, because if you look the waterfall from the bottom, the waterfall looks supporting the sky.It was tall that the waterfall was guarded by a couple husband and wife that were participating in guarding the tourists comfortability who were enjoying the beauty of the plot, cause they felt that the tourists were their guests to be respected and guarded their security and comfortability.

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