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Kartini Beach

Kartini Beach (Jepara Tourism Info)GENERAL REVIEW

Kartini Beach is located at 2,5 km westward of the hall of Jepara Regency. This tourist object belongs to Bulu village, Jepara Sub-district. Various supporting vasilities such as port, a part of Kura-kura aquarium, motel, children playground ("komedi putar, mandi bola perahu arus") are available. Quite cool atmosphere around the beach gives different impression to the visitors, for this place is appropriate for family recreation or just for relax

Playground of Kartini Beach (Jepara Tourism Info) Merry go round (Jepara Tourism Info)


Actually, Kartini beach is more popular as “PEMANDIAN”. This nick name is common to most of Jeparanese. If someone mentions a word “Pemandian”, that he or she thinks Kartini Beach, not the other thinks Kartini Beach, not the other places.
The word “PEMANDIAN” means a place for taking a bath. The use of the word “Pemandian” is common, because there is a special bathing place for tourist while visiting the beach. The place is located on the western park of Kartini Beach. Visitors usually take bath at dosk and down. Until now this location is still used for taking a bath especially by people who have skin irritation with a hope that the irritation will recover soon.
Kartini Beach area was an island sprouted up with Kelor Plan, so it was know as Kelor Island. At that time, the island was separated from Jepara land. Because of the sedimentation, among the island was lived by Encik Lanang.
The island was lent by the Netherland Indies Government to Encik Lanang for his achievement on a war in Bali.
Kartini Beach also used as Encik Lanang grave yard, and always attended by the local fishermen before the Lomban Party.
Besides that, Kartini Beach can’t be separated from RA Kartini’s childhood. She and her parent and also her sisters spent their vacation in this beach. That’s name is purposed to respect and remaind us to Kartini’s struggle.

Jepara Seaworld (Jepara Tourism Info)

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